Our vast procurement network can accommodate your unique needs.


Prevents condensation
Prevents fungi, mold and mildew
Reduces rust and corrosion
Moisture control
Improved indoor air quality

Reduce energy consumption
Regulate temperature
Easy to install and fiber free
Protects from rodents insects
Buffers sound transmission


Light up your personal workspace
Use facility at night
 Certified electricians

Lighting system for any budget
Highest standards of safety
Aesthetically appealing


Sliding and Entry Doors
Lighting Systems
Windows & Skylights
Water Drainage Systems
Electrical Sub-Panels

Custom Woodwork
Railing/Parking Systems
ECustomized Flooring
Swimming Pools
Recreation Centers


Reduces atmospheric dust
Improves air quality
Prevents overheating from sun
Removes moisture & pollutants

Regulate your thermostat
More sustainable and cost efficient
Meets local & international codes


Environmentally friendly lighting
Saves money
Reduces energy consumption
Optimal for agricultural

Visually appealing
Reduces visibility from outside
 Prevents harmful organisms

GEG Construction is the exclusive Iraqi distributor for American Steel Span, a GSA certified supplier of military buildings. Our products are 100% MADE IN THE USA.